TruBall Axcel Accuhunter Plus Sight 1 Pin T-Connector/Rheostat/Torque/Crosshair

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A sleek and solid mounting bracket and elevation bar make the AccuHunter Plus a dependable choice among the hardest of hunters. Superior features include that of individual elevation and windage locks, an adjustable 20 yard dead stop, green accents and a new AV Hunter Scope, specifically designed for the AccuHunter sight. The AV Hunter scope features our new Firepin and a new method of fiber wrapping technology, creating one of the brightest fiber optic pins to hit the market. The AV Hunter scope has a 1 3/4” sized housing and accepts all the same Axcel scope accessories available for the AV41 sized scopes. This AccuHunter Plus contains the new “plus” scope options: containing the Crosshair insert, Rheostat cover and Torque Ring Indicator.

  • AV Hunter Plus Scope
  • .019" Green Pin
  • Sight Tapes
  • Sight Pin Light is not included
  • Color: Black