Saunders VUDU-X String Dampener with Carbon Rod Mount w/ 8" Rod (Cut-to-length)

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New sleek Vudu-X™ replaces your carbon rod dampener with our patented highly advanced dampening technology. Saunders invented the industry’s first string dampener in 1997…The Deadly-Quiet™. The design absorbed excess string energy, helped get the arrow off the string improving speed and accuracy. All dampeners that followed suffered from one common ailment – repeated string slaps… You’ve probably seen slow motion video of these oscillations. Vudu-X™ traps the string in a recoil chamber, eliminating resonant strikes while also absorbing limb shock. The result is the quietest bow you will have ever shot. Both carbon rod versions can be shortened for a perfect fit. Note: Vudu™ in slow motion video was shot with test parts before mold mold surface was dulled.

Tip: To determine if you need a 5/16″ or 3/8″ rod take a 5/16″ open end wrench and slip it over the stock rod. If it doesn’t fit then you have a 3/8″ rod.

Vudu: Performance Comparison

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