Snake 48

Snake 48" Junior Recurve Bow

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The SAS Snake bow is a one piece 48" all composite recurve bow. This bow is set to shoot either left or right hand and is perfect for all archers from small children to youth. The SAS Snake is one of the most durable bows ever sold. We have tested this bow under the most extreme conditions we could find and it performs every time. Perfect for youth camps, backyard shooters or anyone just wanting to have fun in archery.


Draw Weight: 15 lbs.
Both Right Hand or Left Hand
Color: Silver

Package Content:

1 x SAS Snake Recurve Bow
2 x String Nocks
2 x Stick-on Arrow Rest RH
2 x Stick-on Arrow Rest LH

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
MacJohn Sports
Durable and Comfortable Bow

We have a sports and entertainment company. One of our activities is Archery Tag. We were looking for a durable bow to replace the cheap ones that we received with our Archery Tag set. Our bows are used by many people with different abilities and knowledge of archery. They go through A LOT of abuse. We bought one PSE 10 Snake Recurve Bows to see if it would hold up. It is awesome. No problems. Easy for beginners to use and preferred bow by our staff who have more experience with archery. It is long though so it is definitely an adult bow. Just bought two more.

phenomenal starter bows

These are phenomenal starter bows! We've used them at women's archery workshops, where smaller or less athletic women start with this size bow, then often move up to the 60" snake recurve as they gain skill and confidence. (Also a great, affordable bow!)

We've been using these at a kids camp of 9-12 year-old girls and boys, and just ordered two more, as this bow is a really great fit for a lot of the smaller/younger youth of both genders.

The only con we've found is that the shelf is a bit shallow. We don't use the arrow rests that are included; instead, we have folks hold their bow hand up so the edge of their knuckle and finger line up with the shelf, in essence extending the depth of the shelf.

Jennifer L. Miller
Four Stars

Great bow for beginner. The arrow rest needs improvement, not very durable.

Five Stars

Works great, kids loved it.