SAS Sergeant 55Lb 27-29" Compound Bow w/ Cable Guard & Rest - Refurbished

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This bow was made with the shooters in mind! The New 2014, 55 lbs Compound Bow gives shooters the highest quality gear to hit the field with confidence. This archery bow is quickly becoming one of the hottest sellers on the market. The bow features a 40.5” axle to axle,a draw length that is adjustable from 27- 29” and shoots 235 feet per second!. This bow is a compact powerhouse! The CNC machined twin cams make this bow one of the smoothest that we have ever shot. Given that this bow has twin cams, there is also very little "creep" when you are getting ready to let your arrows fly. This compound bow has a strong piece-layered limb that is used to draw weights from 40-65 lbs. That's right; this bow is meant to be with you for many years to come. The limbs are accommodated in place by back pivoting limb pockets, which forms a strong connection with rigid tolerances for enhanced accuracy. The bubbled grooves on the riser ensure that you will achieve a firm grip, every time. When the string is released, an arrow is sent racing from the bow at an outstanding speeds of 205-235 feet per second.


  • Compressed ABS Limbs for long life.
  • Bow Adjustable Sight.
  • Adjustable Draw Weight from 40-65 pounds.


  • Draw Length: 27-29".
  • Draw Weight: 40-65 lbs.
  • Axle to Axle: 40.5''.
  • Brace Height: 7.25''.
  • Let Off: 65%.
  • Max Speed: 235 FPS.
  • Recommended Arrow: 30" Carbon and Aluminum arrow recommended.
  • Net weight: 4 lbs.

Package Contents: 1 x Compound Bow. 1 x Accurate Sight. 1 x Arrow Rest. 1 x Cable Guard. 1 x Manual.

Condition: Refurbished