SAS Pioneer 68in Longbow

SAS Pioneer 68in Longbow

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There is something very special about shooting a longbow. The thrills of instinctive shooting and getting accustomed to the archer’s paradox are effortless with this new 68’’ longbow from Southland Archery. At 68" you can rest assured that you will get a high performance bow as well as a smooth shooter. The grip is meant to accommodate shooters of varying hand sizes comfortably and the price cannot be beat. Perfect your longbow game with this new recurve from SAS.

  • Strong fiberglass limb Made of Maple laminations
  • Riser is made of Makore Wood and Cassia Siamea
  • Right hand or Left hand
  • Length: 68 in
Package Contents:
  • 1 x SAS Pioneer Bow

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jason Zinn
Question for Doug Nonyabusiness


Whereas I wholeheartedly agree with you that masks are ridiculous, pointless, oppressive and I am equally disgusted seeing them advertised in commercials, as if it is something that we have accepted and need to deal with; I ask you: Where are you seeing these commercials from SAS that show people hunting while wearing facemasks? Additionally, are you sure that they wouldnt just be Buff wraps or neck gaiters, which used to be something people wore to keep warm, and maybe are only getting a bad rep in these commercials because of the new implication that society has placed on these items?

I agree with you that companies should stand against this, not in support of it... but before I pass judgement, I would like to see where you are getting this from, since nowhere that I search can I find anything with them showing commercials of people wearing masks.


I like this bow

I'm 77 and relatively new to archery. I started 2+ years ago with a compound but went traditional a year later with a Galaxy Sage deluxe recurve which I love. However I always wanted a longbow. I'm a dabbler in lots of thing so I don't go expensive in anything. I love archery. At my club I shoot with the trad group, mostly older guys all with a lot more experience. They all have expensive lumber, no metal bows. After looking around I decided on the SAS Pioneer, 35# since the written reviews were vey positive and it looked like what the guys are shooting. I've had it for over a week and shot it 3 times. I now understand what vibration means and with limb savers and beaver balls that problem is cured. Now I also know a bit about hand shock, but that doesn't bother me so far. Accuracy seems close enough to my recurve which makes if fun to shoot. And best of all, when we hang our bows on the rack to pull our arrows, a few strides down the range and you can't tell the difference between mine and my buddies black widows. To paraphrase Lee Iacocca, if you can find a better looking/performing bow for the money buy it.

A great longbow at an affordable price

I just received my 35lbs Pioneer today, and after shooting about a hundred or so arrows with it, I figured I'd do my civic duty and leave a review. The bow arrived with no damage, well-packaged, with the string (have not measured, looks about 64''?) but no nock point installed. The bow looks really nice and the pictures on the SAS site actually don't do it justice. The leather handgrip on mine was installed suede-side outwards. It's secured (underneath the leather of course) with a piece sticky tape on the riser, and 2 sticky pieces across the mild locator grip. I removed that immediately and used goo-off to get rid of the residue. The tips look reinforced to me, so it's probably ok to use Fast-Flight strings on the bow (check with SAS?). The bow is super light, and with the grip removed the bow feels really good in my hand. I shot 31in 600 arrows with 100gr field points. The bow shoots very well, and is very smooth. With the supplied string, I had a brace height of about 7.5 inches. There is a bit of residual vibration after a shot, but no handshock. Shooting a heavier arrow would most likely remove the vibration altogether (that, or just installing some silencers on the string, or maybe a rubber grip). The bow still comes with "Pioneer" in big white letters on the outside of the limbs it's not a big deal. Hunters can buy some camo tape or limb sleeves and hide those letters easily. Overall, I'm really happy with this bow. Beautiful, shoots smoothly, light, and inexpensive.

Tom S.
Great Bow!

I could not find one flaw in this beautifully made bow. And it shoots as good as it looks. I bought the 40# and am going to order a 55# as soon as they available again.

Jackie Bushong Jr
Great bow

I wish I would have got a lighter poundage, but the 55lb that I have will get the job done just fine. Shoots great, just my old shoulder can't handle an evening of target shooting anymore, lol. Worth the money and very well made.