SAS Flemish Fast Flight Replacement Traditional Bowstring 16-Strand - Open Box

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SAS Premium Replacement Bowstrings are made of quality Fast Light with Flemish type. All lengths are actual string length.


Proudly Made in USA
Length: AMO Length (Actual Length is 4" Shorter than AMO) if you are not sure about your bow string length, please contact your bow manufacture. For a AMO 60" bow, you will need a 56" Flemish Fast Flight String in actual length.
High Performance 16 Strand Fast Flight bowstring
Color: Black
End Type: Well Served Flemish Type

Package Contents:

1 x SAS Flemish Fast Flight Replacement Bow String

Notes:Not all bows are Fast Flight Compatible. If you are not sure, we suggest using B50 Dacron bowstrings.

Condition: Open Box