SAS Feud 70lbs Compound Bow

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Looking for a top performing bow without having to pay and arm and a leg? Look no further than the FEUD. Coming in at a scorching 300+FPS, this bow can handle of your hunting needs. Peak weight is 70lbs with a max draw of 31”. This bow is a beast and the trail is calling.


Draw Length: 19" - 31"
IBO Speed: 300 FPS
Net Weight: 4.1 lbs
Draw Weight: 25 - 70 lbs.
Axle to Axle: 30"
Let Off: 70 - 80%
Recommended Arrow: 30" Carbon and Aluminum arrow recommended

Package Contents:

1 x Compound Bow
1 x Manual

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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feud review

Been an avid bowhunter and archery buff for almost 50 years this bow has very smooth draw cycle no hand shock what so ever its perfect for someone just starting out or the seasoned hunter. For the money it cant be beat. Its adjustable without a press which is great. Quality is what you would find in much more expensive bows.

This bow is powerful yet easy to draw even at 70 lbs 30".

Okay, so this was my 2nd Feud, and honestly I just bought it because it was on sale. The SAS logos were painted on by me, and the lettering is just stickers I got on Amazon. The bow comes completely blank so it makes a good canvas. As far as shooting, once It's set up It's amazingly easy to draw, but it is powerful. My friend traded me his prized Hoyt Charger for it but I still have my original Feud which is just as awesome.

Very Good Bow

The bow was quality and easy to adjust.

Five Stars


James Berrier
Excellent for the money

Came set at max weight. after string silencers, limb savers and a more legit stabilizer. The 250$ package plus those. About 350 with serving string. Any quiver should work. PSE raven matches really well. The arrow rest mount has two threaded areas but they're too close together to use both or the heads with get in each other's way so you're forced to use only one ( locktite maybe) using only one bolt doesn't seem to effect it.shoots smooth, groups well, feels a bit heavy. Not for an amateur to set up, you will have to buy serving string to tie in the peep sight. Not the nicest bow but it looks sharp and shoots smooth. For the price it's tits.