SAS Explorer Metal Riser Only for 66

SAS Explorer Metal Riser Only for 66" Takedown Recurve Bow - Open Box

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This Explorer bow will make you perfectly prepared for family fun of backyard shooting or trips into the woods hunting! This will ensure that you will have the flexibility and durability that your child needs. This bow will bend, but it will be difficult to get this thing to break. The riser is made of casting aluminum with high strength and carefully polished finish. It is compatible with SAS Spirit Series Bow Limbs.


  • High Strength Casting Aluminum Riser
  • Carefully Polished Finish Riser
  • Complete bow will be 66" long with limbs; Compatible with Spirit limbs draw weight from 18# to 36#
  • Recommended shooter heights up 6'
  • Color: Pink Muddy Girl

Package Contents:

1 x Explorer Bow Riser

Condition: Open Box