SAS Binocular Shoulder Strap

SAS Binocular Shoulder Strap

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Notes: These are heavily discounted becuase there is folded crease on the straps. Please see product image for detail.

Imagine yourself on the hunt of your season as you slowly stalk your prey. Something moving in the distance but you just cannot make it out. Slowly you reach down and grab your binoculars which are being held securely with your SAS Binocular Straps. They are so comfortable that you almost forget that you even are wearing them. With the adjustable straps and the cushioned shoulder pads there is nothing better for the moment.


Lightweight design transfers weight of binoculars to shoulders
Cushioned and comfortable for carrying all types of binoculars
Fully adjustable straps for any body type
Universal fit for Vortex Binoculars, Leupold, Canon, Nikon and more
Zip ties are incldued

Condition: new but come with Folded Crease, which might go away after heat treatment.

Package Contents:

1 x SAS Binocular Shoulder Strap
2 x Zip Ties

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