5-Pin Bow Sight with Sight Light

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As hunters, we all dream of the perfect shot, but rarely get those opportunities. The new SAS 5-pin bow sight has 0.029" pin sizes for longer distances, blocking less of your target for more accurate aiming.


CNC machined
Pin material: Brass
Fiber optic diameter: 0.029"
Fiber optic color: red, green, and yellow
Shake-test passed
Level with two vertical bars
Adjustable for both right and left hand
Markings for elevation and windage
Detachable LED sight light included

Package Contents:

1 x 5-pin bow sight

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Good sight, great price!

Love it! Much more reasonably priced for the bow I intended to mount it on (Samick Sage). I couldn't justify spending as much for a sight as I did on the bow, but this was perfect. Bolted right on, complete cakewalk. The pins adjusted easily enough, the mounting position adjusted just as easily, and the light clearly illuminates the fiber optics. The way the different colored pins are staggered is perfect, it's easy to pick the right pin for the range you want.

If you're hunting with it at dusk/dawn, I suppose something viewing the bow from the receiving end could see the light emitted by the pins, but I don't think that would really be an issue for me. something to consider.

It is mostly polymer, so it is probably not as durable as an all metal sight (common sense says so), but it is built very well for what it is. I wouldn't abuse it, but if you're careful, it'll hold up fine. All in all, I'm very happy with it.