Rocket Hammerhead XT 3-Blade Broadheads 2" 100 Grain Red Color - 3/Pack

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Fatal on Impact. This three-blade mechanical broadhead produces a massive 2in cutting diameter as well as a 3.405in cutting surface area. The Hammerhead XT creates an enormous entry and exit wound making tracking a thing of the past.

  • Super strong tip-to-ferrule connection distributes impact forces evenly over a larger surface.
  • Super strong and sharp 3-blade produces a huge 2" cutting diameter.
  • 2" cutting diameter produces a cutting surface area of 3. 405 inches.
  • . 027" blade thickness and 100 grain weight for incredibly accurate flight.
  • Leaves enormous entry and exit wounds eliminating need for tracking device.
  • Quantity: 3/pack