Ravin R26X Crossbow Package - Black

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The new R26X takes the compact R26 platform and adds the Ravin Fully-Integrated Silent Cocking feature to give apex hunters a whisper quiet draw every single time. Advanced HeliCoil Technology enables a slim 26” length and 5.75” axel-to-axel width as well as a blazing speed of 400 FPS.The R26X comes in all black coloring.


  • HeliCoil technology
  • Compact platform
  • Fully assembled and pre-tuned
  • Fully integrated silent cocking system
  • Anti-dry fire/auto safety
  • Built-in sling mounts


  • Ravin .003 arrows and field tips, 400 grains total (3)
  • Removable draw handle
  • Quiver/mounting bracket
  • 100 yard illuminated scope