Ravin Crossbow Bullpup Soft Case 35

Ravin Crossbow Bullpup Soft Case 35" Slim Heavy Duty for Ravin For R26 & R29

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Handsome, slim and sleek design. This heavy duty, black Soft-Sided padded Ravin Crossbow case is designed to first and foremost protect your Ravin Crossbow from damage. It can comfortably store a fully assembled Ravin Crossbow with mounted scope, quiver and bolts for quick and easy use. Other features: inside and outside pouches to safely store your quiver, bolts, scope, binoculars and other accessories, heavy duty handles and a backpack-style.

  • Slim and sleek design
  • Heavy duty, soft-sided case
  • Comfortably store fully assembled Ravin Crossbow
  • Inside and outside pouches
  • Heavy duty handles and backpack style