MudCat™ Recurve Bowfishing Bow Kit 40Lbs with Wrap Style Reel - Black

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This fun to shoot recurve bow is the perfect starter bow. This bow has a draw weight of 40 lbs, a max draw length of 31” and measures 54” tip to tip. With this handy kit you’re ready to hit the water and have some fun. No need for an arrow rest, just shoot off the shelf. Attach the spool to your bow and the line to the slide and you’re ready to go. Retrieve arrow by hand wrapping the line around spool.

Package Includes:

  • MudCat recurve bow
  • Wrap style reel
  • 50 feet of 80 pound test line
  • Fiberglass arrow with stainless steel Fish Buster point and EverGlide Safety Slide