CamX A4 Crossbow, Base Package - Black and Realtree

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The A4 suspension system features a patent-pending swingarm system that keeps the string, cable, and cams inside the tips of the limbs. this innovative system maximizes durability, minimizes noise, and eliminates vibration.

  • Safest Crossbow You Can Buy - Integrated and patented "Thumbsaver" and "Thumbsaver II" prevent even the most inexperienced users from getting their hands and fingers in the way of the flight path. You can rest assured that even with the worst case of "buck fever," you're carrying the safest crossbow around to the tree with you. US Patent Number: US008800540
  • Cocking / De-Cocking Sled Included - That's right - you can de-cock the CAMX A4. If you've not had a successful hunt and it's time to head back in from the field - no more need to carry an extra arrow around with you. The CAMX A4 allows you to safely - and easily - de-cock your crossbow, no matter where you are.
  • Illuminated Crossbow Scope - The ARC™ features two key technologies: SER™ (Short Eye Relief) and ARC™ (Arrow Range Compensation). SER™ 1 1⁄2” eye relief permits comfortable scope positioning. Compact and lightweight the ARC™ scope features include fully coated optics, cross/dot reticle, 1/4” click turrets at 20 yards, 30 yard parallax free, independent eyepiece focus and is fog proof, waterproof, and shockproof.
  • CAMX A4 Suspension System - Engineered for a gentle finish at the bottom of the shot. When the crossbow is cocked, the cam position is past 90 degrees. When the arrow travels forward, the suspension system catches up to the shot after the string has hit the bumper pad one time. Hardly any noise or any vibration, while still generating 370 FPS.
  • Color: Black and Realtree