Bohning Blazer 2

Bohning Blazer 2" Vane Archery Arrow Shaft Fletching .6" High 6-Grain-100/pack

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The Blazer® Vane’s unique design incorporates auto racing drafting principles to begin steering and correcting immediately, creating lift and flatter trajectory. We recommend fletching the Blazer® vanes helically for perfect results. Bohning® has optimized the steerage capabilities and overall performance with tighter tolerances making the Blazer® the lightest, high performance broad head vane ever produced. The base of every vane is chemically treated for maximum adhesion (requiring no need to clean the base of the vane). They work great for cross bow bolts too!!


  • 2" long X .6" high and only weigh's 6 grains
  • Made of extremely durable material
  • Parabolic paddle for increased steerage
  • Great for archery arrows and crossbow bolts
  • Designed to be used with both fixed and mechanical broadheads, and yet also outperforms with field points for target shooting
  • Universal vane that is great for any Broad head, crossbows & 3D archery
  • Improved arrow stabilization