Bohning 2

Bohning 2" Blazer Vane Available in 18 Colors Made in the USA - 36/Pack

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The Blazer® Vane, with its unique design, begins steering and correcting immediately - making believers out of bow hunters and target shooters alike! The combination of the steep leading edge angle and its material properties enables air to flow over the vane in a manner that actually creates lift. This leaves the tip of each vane inside undisturbed air, similar to the drafting principle used in auto racing. This airflow also makes the tip of each vane to act like a rudder, which is noticeable at longer distances with the flatter trajectory Blazer® Vanes provide. We recommend fletching Blazer® vanes with a helical for perfect results. 

  • It measures 2" (50.8mm) in length, 0.57" (14.5mm) in height, and weighs an average of 6.0 grains (388.8 mg)
  • Pre-Primed base for optimal adhesion
  • Universal vane that is great for any broadhead, crossbows & 3D archery
  • Color: Blue & White Flame, Digital Camo, Pink Camo, American Flag, Barred Feather, Flying Tiger Shark, Green Tiger, Purple Flame, Purple, Red Flannel, Red Hawaiian, Red/Don't Tread On Me, Red & White Flame, Teal Tiger, White/Don't Tread On Me, White Blood Splatter, Yellow Tiger, and Purple Tiger
  • Quantity: 36/Pack
  • Proudly manufactured at the Bohning Factory in Lake City, Michigan, United States