Black Gold Revenge Micro Adjust 5 Pin .019 Bow Sight Black - LH or RH

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Revenge is a fully micro-adjustable, fixed-position bowsight and it fearures all of the lateste high performance technology available today!

  • High performance PhotoChromatic Technology™ automatically darkens in bright light to dull pins, prevent pin halo. Patent #7290345.
  • The revolutionary SkyCoil™ gathers light from above for unmatched pin brightness when you need it!
  • Floating pin bushings for smooth, easy micro-adjustment of sight pins.
  • Horizontal and vertical gang micro-adjustment.
  • 3rd axis adjustability for more accurate uphill/downhill shooting.
  • NEW X-Frame base with 3rd axis adjustability.
  • Level Head sight ring with pre-installed level that’s much easier to adjust and far more secure.
  • Fluorescent interchangeable guard rings! Nitrous Green standard.
  • Guard design protects pins and PhotoChromatic shell.