Black Gold Ascent Verdict 5 Pin .019 Bowsight Black Right Hand - Open Box

Black Gold Ascent Verdict 5 Pin .019 Bowsight Black Right Hand - Open Box

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Overview: The Level Head sight ring is the easiest, most secure level available! If you’ve ever adjusted a sight level, you know how frustrating finicky, difficult-to-adjust levels can be. The new Level Head sight ring on an Ascent Verdict features a pre-installed level that is far easier to adjust and much more secure. Plus, the level can be customized to fit into the top of the ring, away from your pins.


  • Verdict also features a new 45° faceplate that lets you read your sight tape from any angle!
  • The new streamlined Y-beam on the Ascent Verdict is stronger and quieter, a lethal combination.
  • The Dial-of-Death adjustment system is the best in the business and it now features the new SureGrip knob that assures you of easy adjustability in any conditions even with sweaty or gloved hands.
  • The new pointer on the Verdict is both, more accurate and, easier to adjust.
  • The Ascent multi pin head is on a vertical dovetail so you can zero it out at the top range of the "Dial-of-Death." This way you’ll be able to instantly put your sight to a pre-set distance of choice without looking or when in the dark.
  • We include 54 different sight tapes customized for bows of almost all speeds. You pick the tape that works for you. This way you don’t have to make your own!

Condition: Open Box