Axe 17.5" AX405 Bolt Combo Pack with Axe Lit Nocks - 3 Bolts and 3 Lighted Nocks

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Axe Crossbows’ .166 micro-diameter bolt system, the Axe Combo Bolts with Lit Axe Nock 3-Pack system is custom fit for Axe crossbows. Cut to length to fit each crossbow model respectively the combo system features the proprietary .166 micro-diameter shaft fletched with three Fusion XII SL Vanes and the super-bright Axe Lit nocks. The metal injection molded Lit lighted nock system creates an audible click when properly secured to the crossbow’s string.  The super-bright LED system is initiated by the forward movement created by the strings forward movement to engage Nockturnal’s patented crossbow string-activated linear switch with piston-driven assembly. These lighted nocks are exceptionally reliable and do not require any specific tools to set up and come factory-installed in the shafts.  Side illumination ports on the nock’s body allow for additional light dispersion and increased “tracking” as the nock moves.  With more than 20 hours of lithium-powered battery life the extended burn time grants plenty of opportunity for reuse and easy identification long after the shot. 


  • Axe .166 Micro Diameter Bolts
    • Length: 17.38"
    • Fusion XII SL Vanes
    • Approx. Weight: 414 Grains (including Lit Nock and 100 grain point)
  • Axe Green Lit Nock
    • Crossbow String Activated
    • Injection Molded
    • Super bright LED
    • 20+ hours
    • Approx. Weight: 44 grains
  • Contains 3 bolts and 3 lighted nocks