SAS Sage Premier 62

SAS Sage Premier 62" Takedown Bow

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Are you looking to take your archery game to the next level? We would like to introduce the new Premier Bow. This bow has all of the qualities of the original Sage with a few additional features. The striking riser is not only beautiful to look at it fits like a glove in your hand. The limbs are made from maple lamination and fiberglass ensuring countless hours of shooting. Gather your friends as it’s time to show them who is boss. We love it and we are sure that you will too!! 


  • For beginner to intermediate shooters
  • Fast flight string compatible
  • Strong fiberglass limb Made of Maple laminations
  • Recommended shooter heights up to 5'7"
  • Striking riser


  • Draw Weight: 25-55 LBs
  • Length: 62 in

Package Contents:

  • 1 x SAS Premier 62" Archery Bow
  • 1 x SAS Stringer (A must have to setup the string)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Bow Package!

Great bow, Affordable price, Looks really good, Shoots really well. I'm impressed! Sum it up in one word AWSOME!

A great bow for the money

I bought the bow to hunt when backpacking. I added some Velcro limb pads and string silencers so it shoots very quiet. The laminated riser seems to be very stable and should be a lot stronger than comparably priced bows. I was very impressed with the close fit on the limbs and the thumb screws work well and don't need any wrenches to assemble. I took advantage of the bushings on the riser to mount an old spring plunger through the arrow rest that was provided to aid in tuning the bow/arrow combination. I also used the sight bushings to mount an old sight I had. This resulted in great groups. I also liked the bow stringer SAS provided. Oh, and it looks awesome! I am very pleased!


Excellent customer service and excellent bow for the money. Can't go wrong!!

Outstanding From Its Price.

Wonderful quality for the price! I’ve shot some other bows around this price range, but none has the very feel of a more expensive bow and the amount of forgiveness on the flaws of my form. I personally have a 28” draw length, and zero stacking at full draw.