Spider 150 lbs Compound Hunting Crossbow

Spider 150 lbs Compound Hunting Crossbow

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This is one of our best selling compound hunting crossbows. For a budget of $300, this is the best hunting crossbow you can get in the market. With our Deluxe package, you get everything you need for your hunting purpose. Secured with a zipper and a comfortable over the shoulder strap, the carrying bag included in the package will protect your bow from being damaged and also allows you to keep your bow assembled at all times.This Compound Hunting Crossbow is fully suitable for large game hunting.

It features 150Lbs draw weight, and arrows can travel up to 250 FPS initial speed.


  • Heavy duty wood compound hunting crossbow.
  • Powerful 150Lbs draw weight.
  • Arrows travel up to 250 FPS.
  • High-tech fiberglass limb.
  • Aluminum barrel construction.
  • Auto safety cocking mechanism design.
  • Very good accuracy for up to 110 yards.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x 150 lb Spider Real Wood Compound Hunting Crossbow with 2 16'' Arrows.