AMSBowfishing Tournament Series Retriever TNT With 350lb Spectra Line

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Speed kills! The faster you retrieve, the more shots you take, the more fish you put in your boat! TNT’s 4.3:1 gear ratio and high-torque handle mean an ultra-fast 28” of line per turn – the fastest reel out there! No buttons to push: ready to shoot at all times; ultra-fast, simple, zero drag and tangle free Ultra fast 4.3:1 gear ratio: 28” of line retrieve per turn Heavy-duty machined solid brass gears and stainless steel hardware: for long-lasting durability Corrosion resistant composite housing Over-sized opening: means less friction, faster arrow Extended handle length: for more fish-hauling torque Integrated quiver: holds arrow when not in use Mounting system (clamp/quiver): attaches to sight holes on bow (4-way adjustment) Lightweight design Filled with 35 yards of 350 lb braided Spectra line.

  • Simple operation - no buttons to push before the shot
  • 35 Yards of 350 lb Dacron Line
  • 27 Inches of Line Retrieved Per Revolution of the Handle 4.3 to 1 Gear Ratio
  • Extended Handle for More Torque
  • Proven - Made in the USA for over 35 Years!