Trophy Ridge Static XS Stabilizer SideBar Black or Camo

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There is no other stabilizer out there quite like the Static Series Stabilizers from Trophy Ridge. The Static Stabilizer comes with customizable weights allowing you to control the weight and balance of the stabilizer depending on the situation. The Static Stabilizers also feature our popular Ballistix CoPolymer system which is 25% lighter than aluminum, but with the same strength. Serious stabilizers, for serious hunters.

  • Unique design allows for air to pass through
  • Angular adjustment and 3 mounting positions allow for a custom fit
  • Compact design
  • Side mounted design perfectly offsets sight and quiver weight
  • 3 mounting positions and angular adjustment for a custom fit
  • Includes: 4 customizable 1 ounce weights, 1 braided wrist sling with adjustable bracket
  • Color: Black or Camo