SAS Wizard Universal Crossbow Rope Cocking Device - Open Box

SAS Wizard Universal Crossbow Rope Cocking Device - Open Box

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Our SAS Universal Cocking Rope ensures precise accuracy with proper timing and limb load. With this rope cocking device, the crossbow draw weight will be reduced by 50% and the string will cock in consistent manner every time.

Simply grasp the hooks and drape the rope over the groove of the stock and place the hooks onto the crossbow string on each side of the flight track. Once this is accomplished, simply hold the crossbow by stepping on the foot stirrup and pull the crossbow string with the molded T handles back until the trigger mechanism locks.


Proper timing and limb load accuracy
Lightweight and portable
Solid surface for secure grip
Advanced rolling system decreases cocking effort by 50%
Fully adjustable
Universal cocking rope. Fits most crossbow models.

Package Content:

1 x Universal EZ Loader Cocking Rope

Condition: Open box

Notes:For video instruction, please search Youtube: How To Cock a Crossbow With a Rope Cocking Device