SAS Compound Bow Heavy Duty Hard Case with Locking Holes and 12 Arrow Holders

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Give your bow maximum protection with this SAS heavy duty hard bow case. Arrow keepers in the lid for 12 carbon or aluminum arrows. Made of impact-resistant resin with a thick, high-density foam lining. Multiple-position tie-downs secure nearly all traditional and parallel-limb compound bows up to 38" axle-to-axle.


A striking textured finish makes this case stand out from the rest.
By using the Blow Molding Technique we have designed this case for maximum durability
Ultradurable impact-resistant Polypropylene Material to Ensure the Strength and Durability.
Holds 12 carbon or aluminum arrows
Extra two velcro straps on the top lid to hold small tool boxes
Fits compound bows up to 38" axle-to-axle
Double Layer Edge with Rubber for Dust Resistance
Padlock Compatible
External Dimension: 45.3"L x 21.3"W x 7.1"H
Interior Dimension: 43.3"L x 16.3"W x 6.1"H
Net Weight: 18.40 lbs.

Package Contents:

1 x SAS Heavy Duty Bow Case