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SAS 30" Camo Archery Carbon Arrows 30" for Compound Bows 55-70lbs - 6/Pack .0035

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The SAS Carbon Fiber arrows, 7.5mm & 30", is selectively and specifically engineered for higher velocity to create flatter trajectory and increased shooting accuracy. The advanced carbon design on these Carbon Arrows is laser sorted for greater consistency and all-around performance. These high speed arrows feature tunable nocks for precision straight shooting accuracy. These Carbon Arrows have +0.0035" straightness, are 30" in length to fit your draw length and are compatible with 55 to 70 lb bows. These Carbon Fiber Arrows are offered in a convenient 6 pack and would make an ideal gift for any bow hunter.


Material: carbon
Length: 30"
Diameter: 7.5mm
For 55-70 lbs bows
Color: Green Camo
Selectively engineered for higher velocity
Flatter trajectory and increased accuracy
Advanced carbon design is laser sorted
Greater consistency and all around performance
Package Contents:

6 x SAS 30" Camo Carbon Arrows