SAS Panther 150lbs Compound Crossbow 280 fps Black with 4 Aluminum Bolts

SAS Panther 150lbs Compound Crossbow 280 fps Black with 4 Aluminum Bolts

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This Panther Compound Crossbow is light and compact. It is also one of the strongest crossbows on the market with a reinforced composite stock. It suitable for large game hunting or leisurely outings for practice. It features 150 pound draw weight, and arrows can travel up to 280 FPS.


Draw Weight: 150lbs
Power Stroke: 13"
Axle to Axle: 27-1/2"
Speed: upto 280 fps
Length: 37"


Heavy duty hunting crossbow
150 pound draw weight
Arrows travel up to 280 FPS
Compression Molded Fiberglass Limb
Aluminum Barrel Construction
Auto safety cocking mechanism design
Weaver Rail
Very good accuracy for up to 60 yards

Package Contents:

1 x 150 lbs Panther Hunting Crossbow
1 x Footclaw
2 x Aluminum Arrows

Warranty info: This item is fully covered by Southland Archery Supply three year manufacture warranty. Our warranty covers replacement/repair of defective/damaged products only, as determined by our reseller, SAS techs or RMA reps.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Brad Melillo
For the money its good. If you want to seriously hunt with one ...

Beginner cross bow. For the money its good. If you want to seriously hunt with one you probably should spend some more money. This is powerful and can take a deer down but not as accurate as the more expensive ones. For the money I paid I am happy.

James Thomas Manley
I absolutely love this crossbow

I absolutely love this crossbow. although I'm not a hunter, you never know what's going to happen and when you'll need one. seeing as how this is the first crossbow I've ever owned, I didn't know how hard it would be to pull the string back. I got quite an exercise just doing that. very strong crossbow. first shot I took at my target (which has a square piece of wood inside of it) it went through it. the optics aren't what I expected but I wasn't expecting all that much anyways from it being a $150 crossbow. mine came with two bolts. they got lost in two days because both me and my brother missed our target and they went flying in our field. so we haven't been able to shoot it since then cause bolts are god awfully expensive. the crossbow isn't that heavy, it's not all too loud, and it's durable from a two foot drop seeing as how my brother dropped it. the hand grip that comes with it could be a whole lot better though. that thing just doesn't feel right in my huge hand. other than that and the optics, there's nothing wrong with this crossbow. easy to assemble, fun to shoot, what more could you need? hope this review helps anybody who needed it.

kevin r.
very cool

this thing is cool,I'm an absolute beginner at this sport. I also ordered a compound bow, I have quite a few hours with regular archery and love it.this crossbow seems very well made and a breeze to assemble ,about 20 or so minutes, its mostly common sense. I ordered a sight and I'm glad I did, the one this thing comes with is beyond cheap. I haven't fired it yet,i read in a review here that cheap bolts cause damage looking like a dry fire witch negates the waiting till the new bolts gets here all in all I guess its good, I like what I see and cant wait to fire it.i added pictures in as many angles I could. I would recommend it.

Allan L.Otte Sr.
Very well made and like about every aspect of it

Very well made and like about every aspect of it,with the exception of the adjustable scope mount.This will soon be in a permanent position with the addition of an eight thirty screw. Other than that it has more than enough power to do the job intend and is very well made.

Rob H.
First thing I did was put a red hot 3 ...

First thing I did was put a red hot 3 dot sight on it . it took about 5-7 shots to get it sighted in. I'm using bloodsport arrows and exodus Broadheads 100 grain . the crossbow is very accurate all the way out to 40 yards. I bought this to replace my old Horton summit that broke. I have to say I spent over $300 on the summit about 9 years ago and spent only $150 on the SAS panther , the panther by far is faster , more powerful and more accurate than the Horton. Thank you SAS foe selling a product that is affordable and has the quiltiy of that of a high end xbow.