Rhino Treestand RTL-200 Ladderstand - 16', 17.5

Rhino Treestand RTL-200 Ladderstand - 16', 17.5"x 24" Platform, 19"x 13"

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The updated design of the Rhino-Roo Ladderstand features safer access to and from the stand, making it a favorite among hunters. The padded shooting rail provides added comfort while the ratchet straps secure the stand in place. The adjustable ladder support bar provides stability while the pinned ladder sections provide easy climbing. The stand also meets ASTM requirements and comes with a support bar to brace the stand against a tree. Rhino-Roo Ladderstands are easy to carry and assemble. Simply attach the support bar to the tree and begin climbing to your stand. Once at the top, the padded shooting rail provides an extra edge to bump your toes on as you climb. Later, as you make your way down, the support bar acts as a brace to keep you secure once you've reached your desired height. Rhino-Roo Ladderstands are built to last. They are designed tough enough to last for years to come.

  • Pinned Ladder Sections
  • Adjustable Ladder Support Bar
  • Fall Arrest System Included
  • Meets ASTM Standards
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Box Weight: 54 lbs.image