Quality Archery Design Ultra-Nok XL for Compound Bows Made In US Nocking Loop

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Quality Archery Designs Ultra Nock... the #1 selling Nocking Loop. The Ultra Nock is the ONLY metal Nocking Loop that: Adjusts to fit all arrow nocks. Multi-positioned back plates accommodate the largest arrow nocks (11/32) to the smallest (G-nock); Will not un-nock your arrow. Other metal loops when twisted or accidentally bumped cause your arrow to dislodge from your rest or pop off string; 4 anti-vibration screws maintain accuracy shot after shot; Extra-long design allows more room for your release aid; The Ultra-Nok is easy to install and adjusts for easy tuning; Will not fray, stretch, wear-out, break or need replacing; Easy to locate... attach release to and will not slip up or down the string. Order yours today! AVAILABLE SEPARATELY: Standard Ultra-Nok - word search in our Store for 'Quality Archery Designs'. Quality Archery Designs XL Ultra-Nok.

  • Easy Installation
  • No Serving
  • Keeps your peep aligned
  • No string wear
  • Prevents arrow from falling off string
  • No nock pinch
  • Won’t slip on string (4 screws)
  • No stretching and no replacing