HHA Tetra Tournament Edition RYZ 2510 w/.010 2-pin 1-5/8

HHA Tetra Tournament Edition RYZ 2510 w/.010 2-pin 1-5/8" Scope - Right Hand

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After much demand, two decades of single-pin technology come together to provide the ultimate sight for both bowhunters and 3D shooters alike.  The Tetra RYZ offers the benefits of a multi-pin sight in HHA’s legendary single-pin platform. With a silky 2.1” of travel, the Tetra RYZ features the longest sight tapes we have ever offered for unmatched downrange accuracy. Reasonable pin spacing allows shooters to quickly adjust on the fly without needing to let down.

  • 1.625" Pin Housing
  • 4-7" Bar Lengths
  • Green primary pin
  • Light & Lens Compatible
  • Red or Yellow secondary pin
  • Mechanical rheostat to control pin brightness
  • .010 pins
  • Dual yardage pointers
  • Sight ring with integrated bubble level
  • Water-resistant long-distance yardage tapes