Hamskea Raptor Peep Housing 1/8

Hamskea Raptor Peep Housing 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4" - Black

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Hunting Peep that eliminates glare with our patented baffling system.

  • Dual 35º and 40º String Groove Angles – Dual string grooves provide archers the ability to choose the correct string angle for their particular set up without the need to purchase a second peep sight. The 35º and 40º string grooves were specifically chosen to accommodate the string angles found on today’s hunting bows.
  • Aerospace Anti-Glare Technology - Patented Light Baffling eliminates glare by preventing off axis light from reaching the shooter’s eye. This provides a clean and consistent sight picture in all light conditions including when the sun is low and most likely to affect your line of sight.
  • Proprietary Teflon Coating – New Teflon coating provides a smooth peep surface that protects the string from wear. In the heat of hunting season, you don’t have time to change your string and our Teflon coating ensures that peep wear isn’t a concern.
  • All Metal Construction – The all-aluminum construction of the Raptor Peep™ Sight ensures strength without sacrificing speed. Your hunt is too important to trust to a plastic peep sight that can break or deform. Have peace of mind knowing that your peep sight can handle the forces of today’s bows.
  • Size: 1/8", 3/16", and 1/4"