GPO SPECTRA 6X 3-18x56mm Illuminated Rifle Scope 30mm Tube - Black

GPO SPECTRA 6X 3-18x56mm Illuminated Rifle Scope 30mm Tube - Black

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Discover the unrivaled performance of the GPO SPECTRA 3-18x56i Riflescope, designed to take your shooting experience to new heights. If you’re willing to equip your rifle with a slightly larger scope, this riflescope will outperform any challenge you encounter.

Featuring a DoubleHD 56mm objective lens, the GPO SPECTRA 3-18x56i Riflescope delivers an exceptionally sharp and clear optical image, even in the lowest-light shooting scenarios. With a versatile 18x magnification, you can confidently reach out and engage targets with precision and accuracy.

Equipped with an illuminated ballistic BRi reticle and iCONTROL illumination technology, this riflescope ensures quick target acquisition and optimal aiming in various lighting conditions. Whether you’re facing low-light situations or requiring enhanced visibility, the GPO SPECTRA 3-18x56i Riflescope provides the necessary tools to excel.

This riflescope also includes features such as DoubleHD objective lens technology, guaranteeing outstanding optical resolution and image quality. The PASSIONtrac turrets offer convenient windage and elevation adjustments, while the BRi reticle provides accurate holdover points for improved shot placement.

The turrets of this 3-18x56i Riflescope are designed for 0.36-inch adjustment at 100 yards (or 0.1 mrad), providing an impressive 90 inches of adjustment range. For added customization, custom turrets are available to match your specific shooting needs.

Rest assured that your investment is protected with the industry-leading Spectacular Lifetime Warranty. All GPO products are backed by this exclusive warranty, guaranteeing the best lifetime warranty and service in the industry.


  • 30mm main tube   
  • iControl illumination with low battery indicator
  • GPObright lens coating technology
  • DoubleHD objective lens technology
  • PASSIONtrac reset turrets
  • 0.36-inch at 100 yards or 0.1 mrad turret-adjustment
  • BRi ballistic reticle
  • Metal turret caps
  • See-through bikini scope covers

Included Accessories

  • Cleaning cloth
  • See through bikini scope cover
  • Battery included