G5 Outdoors Deadmeat Broadhead Snaplock Ballastic Deep Penetration Hunting

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The G5 Outdoors Deadmeat Broadhead is creating quite the reputation for itself in the bow hunting world, and for good reason. The last thing you will be thinking about is how your broadhead is going to perform when you set out with the DeadMeat! Razor-sharp mechanical blades extend to 1-1/2" for wide cuts and deep penetration. This means great blood trails and penetration! G5 makes this broadhead versatile and easy-to-use thanks to a SnapLock design that secures the broadhead blades to the ferrule for bows of all speeds!

  • SnapLock Technology: provides the most secure fitment at all bow speed
  • Ballastic matched field point included
  • Deep penetrating blades ensure wide wound cavities
  • Blades:3