Fletcher No Tie Tube 1/4 Peep for Compound Bows

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The easy to install No Tie Tru Peep eliminates the need for serving in your peep and is locked in place by the ingenious crisscross design. Installation is easy and can be done in a matter of minutes. Use a bow press to reduce tension on the bowstring and cables and separate the two strings. Wrap the string along the bottom sidetracks of the peep then through the crisscross pattern before running along the top sidetracks of the peep. Relax the bow press to lock the peep in place and it’s ready to go. This self-aligning bowhunting peep includes a 12” tube connector ensuring proper peep position every time you come to full draw. The No Tie Tru Peep is compatible with all compound bows.

  • Ingenious crisscross design eliminates the need to serve in the peep for easy installation
  • Crisscross grooves provide secure tie-in
  • 1/4" peep housing and 38-degree angle for perfect alignment on every shot
  • Special matte finish helps eliminate glare and reflection
  • Includes self-aligning bowhunting peep and 12" tube connector