Escalade Sports Cajun Tournament Spin Doctor Bowfishing Reel Kit

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The all-new and improved Cajun Spin Doctor Reel is the most durable and innovative spincast bowfishing reel on the market. The reel is designed to endure the rigors of the sport with dual pickup pins with full metal assembly and a longer hood and larger hole design for better line feeding. In addition to the Spin Doctor reel, this reel kit includes a Cajun Roller Arrow Rest, Cajun Red Reel Seat, and one red fiberglass Piranha Arrow. The reel seat features machine anodized hoods that make this our toughest reel seat. At Cajun Bowfishing, we are constantly bringing new technology to the table while keeping product affordable. Our equipment is ruggedly field-tested to meet the highest standards. Start Stik'n!

  • Kit includes Brush Fire arrow rest, Spin Doctor reel, red reel seat, and one red fiberglass Piranha arrow
  • Cajun Bow fishing spinning reel with pre-spooled 150 lb. fast flight line
  • Longer hood design and larger hole for better line feeding
  • Dual pickup pins with full metal assembly and faster pickup for faster reeling
  • Brush Fire rest features Teflon impregnated insert arrow shelf for durability