ASAT Bedrock Beanie 190wt/ 100% merino one size

ASAT Bedrock Beanie 190wt/ 100% merino one size

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The Bedrock is ASAT's approach into the Merino Wool series and you haven't hunted right until you've hunted with a Merino Beanie!

It's lightweight, natural scent controlled Merino keeps you scent free and regulated both on and off the mountain. Weighing practically ounces, the Bedrock Merino is a great "pocket beanie" in sense that you can always keep it close and throw it on when the wind changes or simply use it as a layer of scent control to cut the edge on scent management. Finally you can pick up a lightweight Merino Neck Beanie in your favorite ASAT Camo.


  • Lightweight Design
  • Super Soft Merino printed in ASAT CAMO
  • Natural Scent Control
  • Flat Seams construction for unrivaled comfort