SAS 30-35lbs 22-29" Robinhood Recurve Bow w/ Armguard, Arrow Rest and 2 x Arrows

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Overview: The 35 lbs 60" long SAS traditional recurve bow is perfect fit for smaller hands.


String: Durable Serving Strings
Riser: Reinforced Composite


Draw Length: 22-29''
Draw Weight: 30-35 lbs.
Max Speed: 150 FPS
Bow Length: 59-1/4'' 28"
Fiberglass Arrow recommended

Package Contents:

1 x Recurve Bow
1 x Armguard
2 x Screw Arrow Rest
2 x Fiberglass Arrows

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mungo Napier (Target Archery Marshal, SCA)
A Good Bow With Some Cautions

Gripe #1: I bought two Robin Hood bows for my SCA loaner kit because they were rated for 35#. They actually drew just 32# at 28". That is so close to the Bear Titans I already had it wasn't worth having the Robin Hoods.

Gripe #2: The original strings had very small loops (actually longbow-type strings). The bows couldn't be fully unstrung as the upper loops locked on the limbs where they widened out. It took me nearly an hour and lots of wax to stretch out the strings and widen the loops so I could get the strings off. I replaced them with recurve strings, and now the bows are fine. The original strings are in my spares kit.

The bows shoot well, and are great for a teen or small lady. Setting aside my two gripes, they are a good value and well made.

Lindsay Danae Miller
As a relatively new archer, this bow does the ...

As a relatively new archer, this bow does the trick. I did the research for what weight and drawback length I needed and this was in the budget.

W. Tolbert
Fantastic Target Bow

I bought this for my Dad as an Xmas present. When he was younger (like, forty years ago) he enjoyed target shooting with a Shakespeare Parabow. Unfortunately we can't find an appropriate string for his bow, & it's also very old. So I bought him this bow so we could shoot together. He loves it, & so do I! It shoots very smoothly, & is a great draw weight. It feels very steady in the hand.

Some cons about this bow do exist. Dad doesn't like how close the shelf is to the grip. Fletching has given him a couple of scratches on his hand because of this. The shelf is also a little bit narrow. One of the bigger cons is the loop rests for the strings.

Some commenters have been talking about the included arrows. Yeah, they're junk, but: The target arrows included with this bow are stiff, solid core, & heavy. Even with the decent weight of this bow they drop like stones at about 75 feet. This is awful if you already know how to shoot or want to shoot for a longer distance. I would like to argue that they're actually perfect for beginners. The weight & stiffness makes them very, very consistent. They are too heavy to deflect too badly if you shoot at something you shouldn't. If you're trying to figure out how to shoot or aim, these would be great arrows.

My overall conclusion is that this bow is fantastic. It isn't overpriced & is well worth the cost over any of the 'youth bows' you can find in stores. We have had a lot of fun with it, & that's priceless.

Good entry level bow

For me a beginner this first bow and I took it right out of the box and was able to hit the target area and I never shot a bow in my life. The extras are cheap but this was a sufficient starter kit. I like the plain brown look of the bow and I found a easy way to unstring it so it fits in my storage sock. So if its just a beginner bow ,im happy, it got me started in a cool hobby so it is worth it. I must say Im impressed.

Great bow for the price

I got this bow because anyone can shoot it. The design is simple, yet strong. I have a 30" draw. At that draw length I measured a 40lb pull weight. The supplied string gives a brace height of 5 3/4 inches. I shot it ALOT and never had the string hit my arm. The camo finish in the photo is simply camo duct tape. A heat gun was used to smooth the transitions.
No bow is complete without arrows. The 2 included arrows are 30" long with 3" vanes. They weigh in at 545 grains. Using a chronograph these arrows travel at 132 Feet Per Second. That's 21 FT-LBs. The other 2 arrows (some of mine) with 2" vanes are 31.5" long and weigh 400 grains. They travel at 154 FPS. That's 21 FT-LBs. Now back to the original arrows, the ones that come with the bow. The absolute worst thing about these arrows is the FOC or Front Of Center. Simple definition: FOC means that the front 1/2 of the arrow should be heavier than the back 1/2. Example: The arrows FULL length is 31". Half of that is 15.5". FOC should be toward the tip by more than an inch. These arrows FOC are actually a 1/2" toward the vanes. If it could travel a long way it would eventually turn around and the vanes would strike the target because the back half is heavier.
What does this mean for a beginner? It means, depending on distance, the arrows will not hit the target straight. It also means that accuracy will be greatly affected. Don't expect a Robin Hood with these arrows unless you get lucky because it won't be skill.